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Work Sample: Team Building Brochure


Welcome to Change Works! 

Making the connection between neuroscience, leadership and team performance, Change Works equips professionals with the knowledge and skills to thrive in an age of exponential change and disruption. 


Change Works is part of a global network of leadership and change management consultants, executive coaches, facilitators and learning specialists. We have strategic partners in more than 30 countries around the globe and are able to offer consulting and leadership and team development solutions in 12 languages. 

Let’s learn more about what we have to offer. 


Overview of the Change Works Team Building Programs 

Change Works provides a wide selection of fun and enjoyable team building and team bonding experiences designed to ultimately take your team’s performance to the next level. 

Our team building programs range from innovative and thought-provoking indoor team activities to more adventurous, high energy outdoor challenges that are devised as metaphors for real-life challenges in the workplace. 


All team building programs are fully customizable and can be designed to meet your specific needs and desired outcomes. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver well-balanced activities that are fun, enjoyable, and with a focus on learning. 

At the end of each activity, the facilitator will lead a group discussion with the participants to identify the key learning points and insights which can be taken away and be directly applied directly to the workplace. 

If you’re looking for something which is not in our current list of activities, then fear not! Simply get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to work together in designing the perfect team building activity for your organisation. 

Our Programs 

1. The Team Olympics 

2. Picasso Art Challenge 

3. The Crazy Golf challenge 

4. Raft Challenge 

5. The Team Rocket challenge 

6. Blind folded tent building 

7. Chocolate Factory

8. The Thai Cooking Challenge 

9. Team obstacle challenges 

10. MBTI Leadership and Team Development Program workshop 





Bring the Olympic motto of “Faster, Higher, Stronger - Together” to your team this highly engaging and energetic activity. 

Your team will be split into groups to compete with each other in a variety of exciting “out-of-the-box” team races and challenges. 

All aspects of teamwork, communication and collaboration are put to the test as teams battle with each other to see who will be crowned Olympic champions! 

At the end of the session, teams will be debriefed on their performance and discuss the insights gained from the session and how they can be used in the workplace to enhance teamwork and team effectiveness. 

Key Objectives 

● Reaffirm the importance of teamwork and collaboration as key components of success 

● Utilise various styles of communication within a team 

● Give teams the opportunity to have fun together outside of their usual working environment 


Activity Details 

● Number of Participants = 20-100 

● Location = Outdoors 

● Energy Levels = High 

● Duration = 3 hours



Let your teams bring their vision of successful teamwork to life by following in the footsteps of Pablo Picasso. 

This activity will really allow your teams to focus on what makes successful teamwork and solidify their vision. 

Things kick off with a lively brainstorming session on your team’s vision for the future to ensure that everyone is fully aligned. 


Teams are then split into subgroups, with each group being given their own painting canvas and painting materials. Separated from each other, each sub group is responsible for a part of the overall masterpiece. 

When the sub teams have finished painting their part of the picture, they must bring their canvases together to create one grand masterpiece. 


Key Objectives

● Focus, realign and create one team vision for the future 

● Encourage creativity across different teams 

● Improve inter-team communication 


Activity Details 

● Number of Participants = 10-50 

● Location + Indoors 

● Energy Levels = Relaxed 

● Duration = 3 hours



Discover the magic of crazy golf and give your team the chance to be the next Tiger Woods! 

In our crazy golf activity, your teams will learn the fundamental skills of golf and put them to the test in a series of fun and entertaining variety of golf obstacles, challenges and tasks. 


The group will be split into teams to see which team can shoot the lowest score! 


A super fun activity with the added twist of a collaborative team challenge which is guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of everyone involved. 


No prior golfing experience is required! 


Key Objectives

● Create camaraderie within the group 

● Develop team collaboration and communication 

● Have fun! 


Activity Details 

● Number of participants = 10-100 

● Location = Indoors and Outdoors 

● Energy Levels = Relaxed 

● Duration = 1.5 hours



The raft building challenge is a sure-fire way to push your team out of their comfort zone. 

The group is split into small teams of around 5-6 people with each team being given a number of different materials from which to build the fastest raft possible within a set time-limit. 


Then the fun really begins! 


Teams will race against each other across to an island where the winning team will collect their treasure! 


This activity is the perfect way to bolster all the key attributes of teamwork for your team. 


A pre-activity viewing of Tom Hanks building his raft in the movie Castaway is not against the rules! 


Key Objectives

● Shift teams from the comfort zone and into the growth zone 

● Foster innovation and creativity 

● Ingrain leadership skills among employees 


Activity Details 

● Number of participants = 10-100 

● Location = Outdoors 

● Energy Levels = Medium - High 

● Duration = 3 hours



“Houston, we have a problem!” 


We hope that your team won’t have any problems in this engaging team building activity that truly tests teamwork, innovative thinking, and a mindset for success. 


Your group will be divided into teams, with each team will be given limited resources and a set time frame to design and build a rocket. 


Teams will be given three launch attempts to launch their rockets that will test out their engineering skills. 


The title of Change Works NASA Champion is awarded to the team that builds the rocket which travels the furthest distance! 


In the debriefing session, the group will review the success of their rocket, its journey and examine how it relates to designing a successful journey forward for your team and the key take-away points. 


Live video footage of the winning rocket will be posted on NASAs Instagram page!


Key Objectives

● Strengthen teamwork 

● Encourage out of the box & creative thinking 

● Build a mindset for success and explore the journey it takes to get there 


Activity Details 

● Number of participants = 10-100 

● Location = Outdoors 

● Energy Levels = Relaxed 

● Duration = 2.5 hours



If putting up a tent wasn’t challenging enough, try doing it blindfolded!! The objective of this game is very simple. 

Teams have to put up a tent in the fastest time possible, but there’s a catch! 


Each team will nominate one person to be blindfolded, and they are the only person in the team who can touch the materials and construct the tent. 


The role of the other team members is to provide guidance and instruction to the blindfolded person members. 


The debriefing session will cement the importance of being empathetic towards colleagues and how this can significantly impact team performance. 


Key Objectives

● Emphasize the need for empathy in the workplace 

● HIghlight the importance of clear and concise communication 

● Improve your team’s tent building skills 


Activity Details 

● Number of participants = 10 - 30 

● Location = Indoors 

● Energy Levels = Relaxed 

● Length = 1 hour



Let your team step into the shoes of Willy Wonka in our Chocolate Factory Challenge, designed to model business processes within a highly creative and energizing activity. 


The activity kicks off with a live demo of how to make chocolate. No eating allowed at this point! 


Teams will then be given the time and the materials to plan, develop and make their chocolate and finally create unique packaging for their chocolates. 


After the teams have finished, they will present their new brand of chocolate through powerful photography to the judges who will decide upon the winning team! 


This activity can easily be tailor-made depending upon your desired objectives and outcomes. 


The ultimate goal is for your team to have a great experience and grasp key take-away points that can be directly applied to enhance teamwork and higher productivity in the workplace. 


Key Objectives

● Enhance creativity and innovation 

● Align with business processes and company values 

● Build team rapport 


Activity Details 

● Number of participants = 10-100 

● Location = Indoors 

● Energy Levels = Relaxed 

● Duration = 3 hours



Unlock the cooking potential of your team in our super fun cooking challenge and discover which team will be crowned Change Works Master Chefs of the Year!! 


We get under way with our Master Chef giving precise (and top secret!) detail, instruction and guidance on Thai cuisine preparation. 


Each team will be given a set of ingredients from which they must prepare a unique and authentic Thai dish. 


Once the cooking has been completed, our judges will decide upon the winning dish based on presentation, time management and of course taste! 


At the end of the competition everyone will come together to eat the food in the most traditional Thai way as one team. 


This super fun and entertaining activity will take the abstract concepts of cooking a meal and relate these concepts as learning points back to the dynamics of a high performance team. 


Key Objectives

● Motivate and challenge teams to think and behave differently back in workplace ● Discover how to structure your planning time to produce maximum results ● See how effective delegation can build a high performance team 


Activity Details 

● Number of participants = 5-50 

● Location = Indoors 

● Energy Levels = Relaxed 

● Duration = 3 hours



The Spartans had a saying. Those who sweat more in training bleed less in war. 


While there won’t be any blood, sweat is 110% guaranteed as you and your teammates are put through a series of challenging physical activity based lessons. 


These activities will bring team dynamics and problem solving skills to the forefront. 


While the “Team Obstacle Challenge” is a physical program, activities can be tailored to different fitness levels within your team to make sure everyone has fun. 


Teams will compete against each other in an attempt to move through the ranks and eventually become the highest ranked unit of the day. 


There will be sweat, there will be anguish and there will be physical challenges that will push your team to their personal limits. 


We want to see how you will cope under the pressure of our boot camp instructors. Will it all be too much or will your team triumph? 


Key Objectives

● Strengthen relationships and team dynamics 

● Develop problem solving skills 

● Sharpen the ability to work under pressure 


Activity Details 

● Number of participants = 10-500 

● Location = Outdoors 

● Energy Levels = Easygoing to vigorous (based on your team’s fitness levels!) ● Duration = 1 day



This workshop Is applicable to all professionals who wish to better understand themselves and others. 


It focuses on leadership personality styles, teamwork and how teams can better understand each other and work together more collaboratively and effectively. 


A typical workshop looks at improving leadership, communication, enhancing team problem solving, valuing diversity and providing a non-judgemental way to approach team issues. 


The workshop will enable each team member to understand their own personality preference type and how this impacts the team. 


Each Myers-Briggs team workshop is bespoke and tailored to your requirements. 


The Myers-Briggs workshops are fun, highly interactive and engaging with a mix of theory and group activities. The session is delivered by a certified MBTi professional 


Key Objectives

● Understand how individual personality types affect workplace communication ● Improve leadership, communication, and enhance team problem solving ● valuing diversity and providing a non-judgemental way to approach team issues. ● enable each team member to understand their own type and how this impacts the team. 


Activity Details 

● Number of participants = 10-100 

● Location = Indoors 

● Energy Levels = Relaxed 

● Length = 2 hours


Your Facilitator 

Paul Marks is a business owner, entrepreneur and ultra runner with over 25 years experience in international business and leadership. 


Over the last 15 years, Paul has facilitated and delivered leadership and team development programs to thousands of professionals from more than 55 countries across the globe. 


Making the connection between neuroscience, leadership and team performance, Paul endeavors to prepare and equip professionals with the knowledge and skills to thrive in an age of exponential change and disruption. 


Paul is known for delivering engaging, highly interactive programs with a positive energy. Making the world a better place by shaping and developing authentic leaders for the future 


Signature Programs 

● Enlightened Leader Expert 

● Developing high performance teams 

● Leading teams with the brain in mind 

● Leading and driving change 

● Coaching for high performance teams 

● Sales and Negotiation success 


Professional Qualifications 

● Graduate of the Oxford Executive Leadership Program - Oxford University

● PCC Accredited Executive Coach -International Coach Federation

● Certified Brain-based Coach (BBC) from the Institute of Neuro-Leadership

● Certified Life, Career and Executive Coach-Goal Imagery Institute

● Globe Smart Certified NLP Master Practitioner 

● Certified NLP Master Coach 

● Certified Professional Coach and Mentor(CCMP) 

● Certified MBTI practitioner 

● Certified Hogan practitioner 

● Master degree in Linguistics 

● Studying a Masters degree in Applied 

● Neuroscience - Kings College London




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