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7 Pipedrive Tips to Get More Sales

When it comes to the world of business, sales is your lifeblood. 


For your business to survive and thrive you need to make sales.


Selling can be hard.  So, it’s vital to find ways to make the sales process easier to manage and more efficient, leaving you to focus on the key drivers of success.


One way to achieve this is by integrating a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system into your sales process. 


In today’s blog we’ll take a look at one of the newest and fastest growing CRM tools on the block and give you 7 best practices to harness its power and to make your sales process more efficient.


Welcome to Pipedrive.


Before we dive into Pipedrive, let’s quickly cover what a CRM is and why your business needs one. 


What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool for tracking and analyzing all of the interactions with potential customers. 


As your business grows, the lack of well-integrated CRM means valuable time will be lost as your teams scour through old emails trying to find leads and gather up to date information. Or perhaps they have to speak with co-workers to get this information.


Basically, wasting time which could be spent more productively. 


The knock-on effect might be missed or double-booked appointments or forgetting to follow through on vital tasks essential for nurturing leads through the sales pipeline. 


CRM is your “one-stop sales hub” for collecting, organizing, and managing all of this data.


Want to know more about the benefits of CRM? Check out this short video by Dylan Berger WebFX 


What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a cloud-based CRM tool that helps you visualize your business, sales, and marketing workflows.


The platform is easy to use and provides incredible insight into your sales performance.


One capability that might be especially attractive to most small to midsize businesses (SMBs) is Pipedrive's ability to visualize the sales process from start to finish.

This can improve both efficiency and cut through a lot of second-guessing within teams, which is often the main reason CRM implementations fail. 


How is Pipedrive Different from Other CRMs? 

A study in 2020 discovered that the biggest factor for business choosing a CRM tool is ease of use. Over 60% of companies highlighted this as the most important factor when choosing which CRM tool to use.


This is one the best features of Pipedrive - it’s super easy to use and is very intuitive. 


In fact, it was awarded the “easiest to use” CRM by The Motley Fool in April 2020.

But just being easy to use doesn’t mean it will be effective.


So, to help you out - let’s crack on with 7 best practices for using Pipedrive. 


7 Pipedrive Top Tips

1. Set Goals and Track Progress

A recent update means you can set goals for all Pipedrive activities, allowing you to visualize progress and check what your team needs to do to achieve your goals in Insights.

Having visibility of your goals and progress enables:

  • sales managers to spot the missing gaps and get teams refocused

  • salespeople can see the effect of their hard work to keep motivated.


2. Create Automations

It’s time to save time, sell smarter and make sure the right messages reach the right people by creating automations.


Andrus Purde from Outfunnel suggests 4 automations that can help your sales teams use their time more effectively. 


  1. Automate follow-ups to “lost” deals

  2. Automate setting up sales meetings, success calls or research interviews

  3. Don’t send marketing messages to the wrong people (in an automated fashion)

  4. Stop adding deals manually


3. Set Probability for Accurate Forecasting

Adjusting the “Probability” on your deals page enables you to make accurate sales forecasts.

We all know that not every “lead” will become a customer, so set an accurate conversion rate for each stage of your sales pipeline based on your experience (the “Probability” should get higher the further down the sales funnel you go).

Back on the dashboard, your sales forecast will update automatically to show the number of sales you can expect from the deals currently in your pipeline. 


4. View Multiple Deals on the Activities Page

When you have lots of deals to manage at once, one of the best ways to stay on top of your follow-up is to work from the “Activities” page. This page shows you the tasks you need to complete and by when.


Each day, make it a habit to visit this page and address anything that’s due today. Remember to always schedule follow-up activities so you never leave a deal with no clearly defined next action. Aim to avoid having deals with the “Yellow Triangle” icon next to them!


Which brings us on to...

5. Use Visual Clues to Keep You on Track

Green Icon - you have an activity today. Time to get in peak state!

Grey Icon - you have an upcoming activity. Are you prepared and ready to crush it?  coming up

Red Icon - you have an overdue activity. Let’s get moving.

Yellow Triangle - you don’t have an activity planned. Think about what to do and the next steps.

6. Create a “Holding” Stage

Sometimes you may have a prospect who isn’t saying “No”, but just isn’t ready to sign a contract at the moment.


An alternative to putting this deal in the “Lost” folder is to create a “Holding” stage within your sales pipeline. 


Doing so allows you to quickly spot anyone in this situation so you don’t forget about them. 


7. Use Filters to Extract Specific Data

Pipedrive comes with some predefined filters so you can view deals that meet specific criteria e.g., deals older than 6 months or all won/lost deals.


You can also create and save your own filters:


  • deal owner

  • deal size

  • deal source to show only deals that meet specific criteria, for example referrals only

  • Deals in the pipeline for individuals or teams


Final Thoughts

There you go guys, a quick overview of CRM, Pipedrive and a few helpful tips to get you started! 


I hope you enjoyed reading this, got some value from it, and now have an idea of the benefits that Pipedrive can bring to your business.


Feel free to leave a comment below and share this post with your colleagues.


See you soon!


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