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Subject : Discover how to boost your virtual selling skills in 2021

Hey there,


I’m Vincent!


And welcome to Optima’s first newsletter of 2021! 


I’m sure a lot has changed for you over the last 12 months and a lot more is going to change this year.


The good news is we’re here to help YOU!


That’s why our team at Optima have prepared a free webinar and our new blog to help you kick off the new year.


We’re super excited to be starting these new projects and we’re sure they will drive forward your sales performance in 2021. 


Let me give you a bit more detail…


First up, we’ve got our FREE webinar How to Improve Your Virtual Selling Skills


Why do you need to join?


Virtual selling has become a norm for many organisations and this switch from face-to-face (F2F) selling to virtual selling presents you with new challenges.


This webinar will give you the tools to overcome these challenges and build your sales team’s confidence and skill in virtual selling. There will also be a Q & A session at the end. 


We have both and English the Thai versions for you on the following dates:

  • Thursday 4th Feb from 11am to 12pm in English

  • Friday 5th February from 11am to 12pm in Thai


The Thai webinar will be hosted by our experienced sales trainer K.Aekorn and I’ll be hosting the English version. 

To make these webinars impactful and interactive with breakout rooms, we have only 8 seats available. DON’T MISS OUT and sign up TODAY!


Click here to REGISTER


Win an e-learning course!


And as an added bonus, join one of these webinars and you will get the chance to win an Optima Consulting e-learning course on virtual selling to help you sharpen the saw even more!!


Still not sure about signing up? Need a bit more convincing?

And to get your warmed up for our webinar, take a look at our new blog Why sales teams must develop virtual selling skills now


Here’s a quick teaser of the content:

  • benefits of virtual selling

  • challenges organizations face with virtual selling

  • how to adopt a virtual selling mindset 

  • virtual selling mistakes to avoid


Be sure to check it out, share it with your friends and leave a comment to let us know what other tips you have to help our community with virtual selling. 


We’ll be posting a new blog every 2 weeks with content aimed at giving you practical sales tools and advice that

you can put to work straight away. 


Have a fantastic week!


Chat soon, 



PS Did I mention there were only 8 seats available? Sign up HERE!!!!

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