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Direct Mail for Local Gardening Service

Auntie Noi’s Amazing All-in-One Gardening Service


Too Hot & Busy to Keep Your Garden Tidy?

Well, don’t worry! Auntie Noi is here to save the day!

Everyone loves to sit in the garden. Relaxing. Listening to the birds sing. Watching the clouds float by.

But it’s so hot that keeping your garden looking good can be tough work.

Or you have a busy life and don’t have time to cut the grass and pick up weeds.  Maybe you want to trim a hedge or a tree but don’t have the right equipment?

Auntie Noi’s 6-person team is ready to make your life easier and your garden beautiful!

How can Auntie Noi help you?

  • Keep your grass short

  • Make your hedges neat and tidy

  • Have your walls and paving looking super clean

  • Clear up and take everything away when we finish


All for a cost of just 400 THB!

Special Songkran Offer!

Get 25% off if you order before April 13th!


Contact Auntie Noi on 086-718-5601 and have your garden looking amazing TODAY!

“I was so happy with Auntie Noi. She had 5 people with her, they worked so fast and made our garden look great in just 30 minutes. They cleared everything up before they left as well. Super value and highly recommended.”

Namfon, Green Park Village, Rangsit

“Great value. Fast and quality work. If you want your garden looking good, then give Auntie Noi a call!”

Por, Green Park Village, Rangsit

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