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 We aim to give you an indication of our pricing for copywriting, content writing and social media marketing.

Because every project that we work on is unique, it's quite common for prices to vary.

The below is an approximate pricing range. During the consultation phase we will discover more about the scope and objectives of your project and we'll be able to provide a tighter quote.


When pricing, we take 3 things into consideration...


how many words are desired.


What is the scope of the project. Specific and technical copywriting will require additional research. We assign each project a "Level of Complexity" ranging from 1 - 3. 


We understand the demands of business owners. We are agile and flexible and can adapt timelines to meet your needs. 


For services such as copywriting, blogs, email newsletters, Thought Leadership" articles, eBooks and direct mail the following prices are applicable.


Level 1 = 1,500 Baht

Level 2 = 1,750 Baht

Level 3 = 2,000 Baht


Level 1 = 3,000 Baht

Level 2 = 3,250 Baht

Level 3 = 3,500 Baht

Prices will vary depending on the total number of words, the level of complexity and the urgency.


As an example, we can create a 4-page brochure starting from 3,000 Baht. As every brochure is unique, prices will vary. We are fully transparent and open to negotiation and finding the best solution for all parties.



The marketing plan for social media can vary even more wildly than other copywriting and content writing projects.

When putting a pricing plan together we'll consider:

  1. Strategizing

  2. Scope of Content Creation & Publishing

  3. Page Management

  4. Running a Paid Advertising Campaign

So that we can fully understand your needs and and put together a solid pricing plan, please get in touch with us and we can have an initial consultation, 100% free of charge. It's no problem if you decide not to go through with the plan - we're here to help and we would love to help you succeed through social media.

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