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Promotional Copy for The Bridge Education

Summer Camp in Oxford

Introducing The Bridge Education’s exclusive and authentic English Camp for 12-17 year old’s in the world-famous city of Oxford, England.

The Bridge Education is James and Namfon Goodey. James was born and raised in Oxford and has 9 years’ experience teaching English. Namfon studied English in Oxford for 2 years. 


Our mission is to help people grow as individuals and enjoy amazing new experiences. We want to be “the bridge” to a bigger and brighter future for everyone.


Our 2-week English Camp costs 119,000 THB. This includes 30 hours of English lessons, return flights, accommodation, activities, airport transfers and visa costs. 


In the mornings, students take 3 hours of private English classes with James. And in the afternoons, fun activities with James around the magical city of Oxford


Activities include Interviewing local people, ordering food in restaurants, booking train tickets and shopping. Guaranteed to make students more confident speaking English! Also included are daytrips to London, the historical city of Bath and Stonehenge.


Students will stay with proven and trusted host families in Oxford. A fantastic opportunity to experience local culture and speak English with local people.


James and Namfon will be with the students to ensure their safety on the flights to and from the UK.


We truly believe that our English Camp is an extraordinary gift which will stay with students forever.


We have courses in June and October. There are only 10 spaces per course so call us now on 082-580-6652 to reserve your place!

James G Media would love to create something similar for your business - just click below to connect with us TODAY!!

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