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  • James Goodey

12 Simple Copywriting Tips to Create Winning Leaflets

Leaflets can provide a direct and cost-effective way to market your product or service.

If you are thinking of using leaflets as part of your marketing strategy, here a 12 tips for creating the copy in your leaflets to maximise their effectiveness.

  1. Clarify the ONE objective for the leaflet.

  2. Who is the target audience, what tone of voice should you use

  3. Present the copy in small chunks of information (not just one block of text)

  4. Use bullet points to highlight key points

  5. The copy must be BENEFIT FOCUSED

  6. State the USPs of your product or service

  7. Use 1-2 testimonials for social proof

  8. Have a strong and clear "call-to-action"

  9. Speak directly to the customer by using "you"

  10. Don;t forget to include contact details (email, website, mobile, social media)

  11. Grab attention by asking a probing question

  12. Lose the waffle - space and customer attention is limited

Have I missed any?

Let me know what the best leaflet you have created is and why!

If you're looking for support in crafting clear, concise and compelling copy for any of the marketing tools above, then just get in touch with us today and let our team of certified copywriters do the hard work for you!

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