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Amazing Thailand the Trusted Destination for International Travellers

In good times, people WANT to advertise; in bad times they HAVE TO

That famous quote from Bruce Barton certainly rings true for the tourism industry in Thailand at the moment. But with so many businesses struggling to overcome the effects of Covid-19, the decision to continue pumping money into advertising is an understandably tough one to make.

So, why should you?

Opportunity Knocks

There could be massive opportunity on the horizon for Thailand's tourism to make a big comeback in the second half of 2020.

The tourism sector, which is responsible for delivering around 12% of Thailand's economy, has suffered immensely over the last few months. International flights have been grounded and the emergency decree has been in effect, effectively putting a halt to all travel.

Back in January, Thailand was listed as the second-highest risk country for Covid-19 infections, mainly due to the high number of Chinese tourists who visit Thailand each year (there was almost 11 million in 2019!).

And while tourist numbers rose by 4.2% in 2019 to a record 39 million (source Bangkok Post), this number will be significantly reduced in 2020.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel...

Crushing the Covid Curve

The ban on international flights, along with other restrictions, has seen Thailand not only "flatten the curve" but almost crush it completely. The last locally transmitted case was on May 25th. That is remarkable news.

Now is the time to look forward with a positive mindset and set about reaping the rewards from Thailand's outstanding effort in controlling the virus.

As Covid-19 restrictions continue to ease in Thailand over the coming weeks, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is putting together a strategy to revive the economy and boost tourist numbers.

The concept?

To promote Thailand is THE "trusted destination for international travellers".

A New Dawn for Thailand

Tanes Petsuwan, the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) deputy governor for marketing and communications, told Reuters, that "we plan to refresh the country’s image to a trusted destination where tourists will have peace of mind”.

The campaign will be geared towards travellers from "safe and low-risk" countries, such as China, South Korea and Taiwan. All 3 countries have seen favourable results in slowing down and preventing the spread of the virus.

In a bid to further reassure people who want to visit Thailand, the government will introduce a health certification system for hotels and restaurants. “The certificate is a tool to build trust and showcase Thailand as your amazing trusted destination,” Tanes said.

The TAT is also proposing a stimulus package to boost domestic tourism. As concerns about travelling abroad are likely to continue for the remainder of 2020, the demand for domestic travel has never been greater.

The package is expected to be finalized this week and includes money and gift vouchers. The TAT has also proposed the government offer free outings to 1.2 million front-line healthcare workers who have battled the coronavirus, including doctors, nurses and village health volunteers. This would be a fantastic reward for the hard work these workers have put in over recent months.

We all know there are so many amazing places to travel within Thailand, so let's capitalize on the outstanding effort in mitigating the risk of Covid-19.

Seize The Moment

For businesses in the tourism industry, now is the prime time to get in the minds of would-be visitors. This can be the foundation for revival.

A recent study showed that engagement on social media has grown by 61%, from pre-pandemic levels. Far more people are searching for and buying things online. With this in mind, it's far easier for your content and online ads to reach your target audience.

Consumers will still need some convincing, and taking an empathetic approach to any communication is going to be key.

That's where our team of certified, experienced and skilled copywriters at James G Media can support you. We strive to craft authentic, well-written and informative content and deliver your message and key benefits to customers in an optimistic, sincere and honest manner. Building trust is essential.

From sales brochures, to blogs and social media marketing, our solutions will instantly have you standing out from the crowd and attracting more customers.

Get in touch with us today and grasp this opportunity with both hands!

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