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  • James Goodey

3 Benefits of Email Marketing in 2020

If I asked you what springs to mind when you think of content marketing in 2020, you probably won't answer email marketing!

You'll probably say videos. And no surprise, because video-based content on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Tik Tok is the most popular type of viewed and shared content these days.

But making high-quality videos can be time-consuming. Plus you have to be the kind of character who feels confident and can present yourself and your brand effectively on camera (that's a completely different topic!)

Next, you're probably going to think of blogs, infographics, eBooks. Right?

So how about email marketing? Where does this fit into your overall digital marketing strategy?

You may have even asked yourself, should I be doing email marketing in 2020?

In this article, I'm going to outline 3 BIG benefits of of email marketing, which can hopefully encourage you to not give up on this trusty old friend!

1. The Best ROI of all Digital Marketing Strategies

Even with the rise of social media, people are still relying on email to communicate and receive information from businesses.

Statistica’s Number of Email Users Worldwide from 2017 to 2023 report estimated that almost 4 billion people are using email in 2020, proving that it’s still a common and useful channel with a huge reach for businesses to explore.

Employing email marketing enables you to directly target your audience. People don't easily give up their email address, so it proves they are interested in what you are selling.

The lower cost of email marketing compared to other forms of advertising like paid ads makes it a good option for businesses who are growing and perhaps don’t have the cash on-hand to fund paid ads.

Because you are directly reaching your target audience at a lower cost, it's possible to generate an outstanding Return-on-Investment (ROI).

Hubspot’s 2020 Not Another State of Marketing Report found that the ROI of email marketing can be upwards of 40:1! So, for every $1 spent you can see a return of $40. This increases to over 50:1 if you’re in the travel industry.

I live in Bangkok and the one of the biggest sectors to struggle through the Covid-19 lockdown was the tourism sector. It accounts for up to 12% of the Thai economy.

Given the challenging times many businesses face coming out of the pandemic, time spent investing in email marketing is an option worth considering.

The lower cost of email marketing helps to keep the costs down, and the profits higher!

2. Keep Customers Engaged

Ultimately, we're all looking to boost profits, but how we plan to reach that goal can vary wildly!

Email marketing is a case in point. Looking to directly increase profits shouldn’t be the main objective of your email newsletter.

Instead, the main goal of your email marketing campaign should be to build upon existing relationships that you have with your customers, moving them slowly down the sales funnel towards purchasing your product or service.

The Sales Funnel
Email marketing will help to move customers down the sales funnel

We want to keep our customers engaged and ensure our product or service is in their mind when they actually decide it’s time to buy.

As an example, let’s compare 2 businesses which sell online cooking courses.

Joe Ramsay visits ABC's website, and gives his email address in exchange for some free and valuable content (our content upgrade). Joe is now on their email subscribers list.

But when Joe visits the XYZ website, they have no such process in place. So when Joe visits and leaves their website, Company B is hoping that Joe will remember their product or service in the future when he wants to make a purchase.

We know Joe is aware and probably interested in our product because he has visited 2 websites, but he isn’t quite at the buying stage yet.

We need to nurture him, keep him engaged and guide him towards making a purchase.

ABC send out a weekly newsletter containing relevant and useful content such as free recipes and special offers, and by doing so is keeping their brand Joe’s mind.

On the flip side, XYZ doesn’t have an email newsletter and is pinning their hopes on Joe remembering them when they he is ready to buy his cooking course.

When the time comes for Joe to hand over his money, which of these two companies do you think he is more likely to actually buy from?

9 times out of 10 it will be the company which is keeping customers engaged with useful content through their email newsletter.

In Hubspot’s 2018 State of Inbound report, the top marketing priority for companies was listed as converting contacts and leads to customers.

Keeping these contacts and leads engaged with valuable and relevant content with email marketing can be a powerful way to achieve this.

Through this lead-nurturing, you’ll be helping to increase the number of sales and conversions, and doing so in far more efficient way than having you sales team phone old contacts

3. Get More Website Visitors

Ask a room full or marketers what their biggest challenge is and one of the most common answers will be generating more quality website traffic.

By crafting well-written email content that links back to relevant pages in your website, you’ll be getting more traffic and leads that you can then convert into sales.

The great thing is that by clicking on the links in your email, your readers are telling you that they are interested in your product or service and are more likely to buy from you.


When done correctly, email marketing can be a cost-effective and valuable addition in content marketing arsenal.

It can keep your brand in customer's minds and drive more traffic to that website that you spend hours writing content for and making it look awesome!!

Don't give up on this wise old-friend just yet!!

We understand that not everyone has the time to do this - so let our team of certified and experienced copywriters do the hard work for you.

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