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Eye-Opening Results from a 2020 Study on Blog Post Length

One of THE most common questions when considering about blogging is how long a blog post should be to get the most views and most traffic..

I'm constantly looking out for new research and ideas on this topic and came across an fascinating video on the YouTube channel "Income School" last week (link at the bottom)

And the results of their analysis highlights a surprising fact which I hadn't really considered myself before.

The "Return on Time" spent writing a blog post.

Their analysis was based on data taken from their community members - and the results are quite interesting.

Before we go into the results, let's take a quick look at how they define the different length of posts as this will help us understand the results clearer.

Different Types of Blog Post

Income School coach their students on 3 different types of blog post. They are:

The objective of the study was to find out if the length of the post really impacts the amount of traffic generated.

Page Views Per Blog Post Length

These were their findings from members of their community:

As you can see from the data above, the longer the post the more traffic can be generated.

A pillar post can bring in 68% more traffic than a response post - so you would imagine that all of the content you product should be pillar posts right?

Well, let me ask you a question...

Does it take the same amount of time to write a 1200 word blog, and a 3500 word blog? No way!

So we need to consider the time it takes to write the blog in proportion to the amount of traffic generated.

Return on Time aka "ROT"

Let's imagine the following:

  • a pillar post of 3500 words takes 8 hours to write

  • a staple post takes 4 hours and

  • a response post takes 2.

By dividing the average number of page views per month by the amount of time taken we get ROT! Also known as "Return on Time", i.e. how many page views do you get for every minute spent writing.

Quite important right?

ROT = page views per month / time to write blog

Here are the surprising results from the study:

Again, this may lead us to the conclusion that our time is best spent writing only response length posts, right?

Different Length Posts for Different Niche

Something else we need to think about when deciding upon the length of the post is the niche that you are writing for.

In some highly-competitive industries such as finance, it would be very hard to rank high on Google if you don't have substantial content.

On the other hand, if your writing for a smaller and more specific niche, then shorter, response posts might be the best way to get traffic.

Check out the fill video here:


There are of course many things that Google takes into consideration when ranking pages, and blog post length is just one of them.

A 2000-word post is by no means guaranteed to generate more traffic than a 1000-word blog.

Quality content is ALWAYS the key.

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