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  • James Goodey

Hua Hin #2 on the Domestic Travel Wish List!

With the ban on international flights set to continue, Hua Hin was named as the number 2 place that Thais want to visit after lockdown in a recent poll by BLT Bangkok!

If you are a restaurant or hotel owner in Hua Hin this should make your eyes light up!

In fact, 19% of people said the first thing they wanted to do after lockdown was travel!

As Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted, hotels and restaurants around Thailand have finally been opening up again. But with social distancing measures still in place, dining out has a much different feel to it.

Restaurateurs have to find the best way to comply with social distancing and still offer excellent service to customers.

And how you communicate your new "social distancing service" to customers is crucial in gaining their trust and business.

You need to build trust with customers and make them feel safe and confident to visit your restaurant.

Communication is key.

Some things to consider:

  • How have social distancing rules affected your seating plan? Sharing photos on social media is a perfect way to communicate this.

  • Is pre-booking essential due to a reduction in capacity?

  • Are buffets completely "off the menu" or are they still being served, but in a “new normal” way!?

  • As more Thais and fewer foreigners visit Hua Hin - has the menu or marketing message changed?

Now is the PRIME TIME to expand your online presence - and it's the mission our mission to support you in re-energizing the Thai economy!

Don't miss out on this surge in demand or travel to Hua Hin!

3 solutions that can INSTANTLY make a difference!

  1. create a weekly blog to engage customers and drive more traffic to your website - meaning an increase in bookings

  2. run a social media marketing campaign to boost awareness of your business

  3. review your website and social media content and optimize it for search engine rankings

We understand that not everyone has the time to do this - so let our team of certified and experienced copywriters and blog writers do the hard work for you.

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James G Media is a copywriting and content writing agency based in Bangkok, Thailand. It's our mission to support your business growth by turning your vision into the Words that Win through copywriting for sales and advertising, social media marketing, SEO content writing, and website design.

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