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  • James Goodey

17 Email Marketing Ideas To Keep Customers Engaged

Have you ever had a blank mind when the time comes to write your weekly or monthly email newsletter?

Or perhaps you just send out emails because that's just what you should do... the result being that the content is repetitive and doesn't provide any useful information to your readers.

Wouldn't it be awesome if you never had this problem again!

By the end of this article you will be equipped with 17 EMAIL MARKETING IDEAS that will keep your customers engaged with interesting, well-written and informative content!

In a separate blog post I gave you 3 reasons WHY email marketing can still play an important part in your overall digital marketing strategy in 2020...

To quickly recap, the top 3 benefits are:

  1. Best ROI of all Digital Marketing Strategies

  2. Keep Customers Engaged

  3. Get More Website Visitors

The key objective of your email marketing should be to engage with and nurture your customers

17 Email Marketing Content Ideas

1. Success Stories

Maybe a customer got a promotion at work after taking your online course, or a member at your gym lost 10kg after following your fitness programme.

Sharing a recent success story with your readers and showing how your product or service has helped a customer is a proven way to build trust in your brand.

2. FAQs

Be proactive and give answers and solutions to common questions in your field. Think about the questions that customers usually ask and what people searching for on Google.

The website Answer the Public is a fantastic site to find common search terms that you can craft content around.

This is an easy way to show off your expertise and another way to build trust!

3. A Column by Expert

Inviting a guest to write a column for you can create a win-win situation.

Your guest can link your content with his audience creating new exposure, plus you get to publish expert content with your own audience.

Your readers should also be super impressed that you have the connect with industry experts!

4. Survey

Gathering customer feedback allows you to keep improving your product or service, to truly meet your customers needs.

Creating and analysing the survey results will allow you to:

  • know what your customers like

  • know what your customers don't like

  • know what your customers really want from your product or service

Survey Monkey is an easy to use free tool for creating surveys and analysing responses. Or you can set up a survey with Google Forms and include the links in your newsletter.

5. Blog Recap

Don't let that time spent writing your blog posts go to waste! It's possible that your biog didn't reach all your customers when you first posted it..

So, provide short summaries of your recent blog posts in each newsletter - and DON'T FORGET to include direct links to the blog to drive more traffic back to your website.

6. Industry News Roundup

Show that you are keeping up with the latest trends by covering an industry round up. People are always looking for quick and easy to find information.

Don't be afraid to include links to outside publications or websites. Doing so can show your customers that you spend time researching your topic.

Yet another great way to build trust.

7. Personal Spotlights

Let your readers get to know the people who run the business. Make your brand more human and personal.

Including a short profile of a new employee or someone who has been promoted can be used to highlight current goals within the company.

8. Letter from the CEO

Build a closer connection with your customers by letting them hear from the CEO.

Share ideas about why the company exists, recent achievements and future plans. Try to make this content customer-focused and not just an outlet for the boss to big up himself, that will probably have the opposite effect of what you want!

9. Introduce a New Partnership or Client

Informing customers about a new partnership or client is a great way to promote both parties.

It also establishes further credibility in your brand - especially if your new client or partner is well-known and has a solid reputation themselves.

10. Seasonal Tips and Advice

People are always looking for new ideas and tips for seasonal events, and nothing is more timely than a newsletter.

The build-up to Christmas can be a busy and stressful time for many people, so why not share some valuable tips to make their lives easier

Give out some valuable tips, with a gentle hint about your product.

11. Announce Upcoming Events

Maybe you are hosting a webinar or a Facebook Live event, or even appearing at a trade fair or conference...

You have the eyes of your customers through your newsletter, making it a useful promotional tool.

Don't forget to include the all-important "call-to-action". If you're promoting an event, make it clear how your customers can sign up and register. Don't leave them hanging!

12. Event Recaps

Then, after your event you can include brief summaries of recent events and successes.

Include pictures and highlights to really show readers what they missed, so they don’t miss out next time!

13. Numbered Lists

Listicles are one of the most popular forms of content so creating these in your newsletter is a good way to keep customers engaged.

They give easy to read and scannable information which can be consumed quickly, like this list of Top 8 Triathlon Bikes published in Men's Health.

14. Interviews

You can either interview:

  • an employee from within your company

  • an outside industry expert

The first option gives you the chance to show who you are, what makes you different and why you do what you do...

Interviewing an industry expert can give your readers some new and fresh insight.

Again you can ask the expert to share the interview with their audience, helping to increase your own brand awareness.

15. Resources

Everyone loves something for free, right!? Perhaps an eBook or checklist - something useful to keep your customers engaged.

16. Product Reviews

Two options for this. Either an expert from your business review a product and give some quick tips on how to maximise all it's benefits.

Another option is to have a customer review, similar to a testimonial. Showing what existing customers think of your product and how it's benefited them is a powerful way to nurture leads and encourage them to buy your product or service.

17. Predictions

Discussing future trends and looking like an expert in your field will help to increase the company’s credibility.


You’ll notice that I’ve talked a lot about engaging with customers here. That should always be the main aim for any email newsletter, with a gentle nod towards your own product or service.

People will be more likely to hit that dreaded unsubscribe button if you’re selling too much, too often with repetitive content.

Keep the content fresh and useful. Keep planting those seeds, nurture your customers and you’ll see the results.

Too busy to write your own email newsletters? Allow our team of certified and experienced copywriters do the hard work for you!

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