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  • James Goodey

Should I Still Be Using Direct Mail in 2020?

It's easy to believe that direct mail is a thing of the past. But is this just our perception or is it reality?

Do we think of direct mail as being dead simply because it takes so much longer to get it out there to customers, compared to email or social media?

In this blog, I'll look at 2 things:

  1. Is there still a place for direct mail in 2020

  2. Copywriting tips to create impactful direct mail

Fundera recently compiled an in-depth report which highlight some important facts about the use of direct mail by marketing teams in the US.

  1. Direct mail spend—at $38.5 billion—accounts for the largest portion of US local advertising spend.

  2. US advertisers spend an average of $167 per person on direct mail.

  3. These US advertisers also earn an average $2,095 worth of goods sold through direct mail per person.

  4. 70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions.

  5. 54% of consumers say they want direct mail from brands that interest them.

  6. Direct mail open rates can reach up to 90%.

  7. 42% of recipients read or scan the direct mail they receive.

  8. Direct mail response rates are five to nine times higher than any other advertising channel.

  9. The average direct mail response rate for prospect lists was 4.9% last year.

  10. Adding a name to your direct mail piece can increase response rates by 135%.

  11. 62% of consumers who responded to direct mail in the past three months made a purchase.

  12. 39% of consumers try a business for the first time because of direct mail.

This shows us that there are still some facts to back-up the use of direct mail.

The fact that less mail is sent these days is actually a real bonus for marketers looking to start up a direct mail campaign.

Gone are the days when you would dread opening your mailbox, because it's likely to be stuffed full of bills or "junk" mail trying to sign you up for yet another credit card.

Less is definitely more.

Fewer letter and bills in the mailbox means more opportunity for your direct mail to get spotted.

So, if you are considering using direct mail - I have a few tips for you when writing the copy - to ensure you can get the best ROI possible!

7 Direct Mail Copywriting Tips

  1. Be clear about what you're selling

  2. Use headings and sub-headings to grab attention

  3. Long copy is ok (if it's relevant)

  4. Use compelling customer testimonials as social proof

  5. Include a heading on the envelope

  6. Make sure you have a strong and clear call-to-action

  7. Include contact details

Et voila!

Need help with the copy for your direct mail?

Get in touch with us today to find out how our team of certified copywriters can do the hard work for you!

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