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Press Releases

You may want to have the media to help promote your brand. This would usually be done in the form of a press release.


A press release requires a different style of copywriting as it has no real intention of selling your product. 


Instead, they are used to give brief information about an event, product launch or other interesting story about your business. 


There are 3 main reasons to use a press release:

  1. To let the media know about an event so they will spread the word.

  2. To share something about your business, hoping a reporter will see a story in your press release and write an actual news article about it.

  3. To promote your business' appearance on the internet via blogs, websites, and social networks.


But just sending a press release to the media doesn't mean that will use it. It has to be of interest to them and their readers. Does it benefit the community and the audience in some way?


At James G Media we can craft press releases for you that will inform and educate readers, and provide all key information in a clear way so you can be sure that the media use it.

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