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Sales Demystified

Giving You the Tools to 10x Your Sales Faster



Working in sales is not easy. It can be hard-work, tiring, frustrating and leave you with nothing to show for your effort.


You can spend days looking for new clients and be rejected by them. Or maybe you lose a sale by not asking the right questions at the right time to close the deal.


You may meet a potential client, but then miss the opportunity because you can’t outline the benefits and value of your product in a simple and clear way.


All these problems can leave you feeling worried, stressed and frustrated. They can affect the quality of your life. But this doesn’t have to be the case. We have some good news for you!


Sales is a skill. And it’s a skill that can be learnt and mastered through practice. 


Join our 2-day “Sales Demystified” workshop to gain and immediately apply these skills. Guaranteed to boost your sales.


This isn’t a sit-and-listen, lecture-style workshop. This is a high energy, practical and active learning environment where you will discover how to:

  • Be super confident calling people you don’t know

  • Know what to say and the questions needed to overcome any objection

  • Promote your business to instantly grab attention

  • Move customers through the sales process and close sales faster

  • Use your new skills to immediately increase your sales after the workshop


You will have the chance to practice and refine your sales skills over 2 days with the fantastic support of our experienced team.


So, let’s take a closer look at the Sales Demystified program….


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Sales Demystified: Your 7 Steps to Success

Day 1 - 9.00am - 8.30pm (includes Business Networking with Australian Thai Chamber of Commerce.


Change Your Mindset

  • Learn how to master your mind to become an unstoppable sales superstar

  • Discover ways to eliminate the fear of rejection and boost your confidence


Find Your Customer

  • Develop skills to be a hunter and farmer for sales

  • Increase efficiency and productivity by defining and finding your ideal customer faster


Prospect to Customer

  • Turn prospects into customers by mastering the art of questions

  • Knowledge of how to move the customer closer to the sale

  • Build trust by knowing what to say, and when and how to say it

  • Create a sales pitch that inspires action from customers


Make Connections

  • Put your new skills into practice at Bangkok’s Premier International Networking Event

  • Make real-life connections with business leaders and professionals from SE Asia



Day 2 - 9.00am - 6.00pm


Increase Their Interest

  • Understand the key points of following up with prospects

  • Proven conversation starters to turn cold calls into hot calls

  • Use tone of voice to influence decision makers

  • Conduct a needs analysis to know what your customer wants and personalise your solution.


The Art of Negotiation

  • Overcome objections with active listening and directive questioning

  • Gain mastery in creating win-win deals to maximise your profits

  • How to say “no” professionally and maintain a good relationship


Sign the Contract

  • Congratulations! You’ve guided prospects along the sales pipeline!

  • This should be the start of a long and profitable relationship with your new customer


Following these proven steps will make you a top performing salesperson and allow you to reap the financial rewards. Success in selling means success in business.


Sales Demystified: Your 11 Practical Sales Tools

You will leave our training with 11 sales tools which you can start using right away:


  1. knowledge of a guaranteed sales process

  2. experience of using new sales skills in real-life situations

  3. a set of sales scripts personalised for your product or service

  4. mastery of using language and communication to increase sales

  5. proficiency in active listening and knowing what to say and when

  6. personal breakthroughs in sales mindset and skillset

  7. a re-energized and new identity needed to be a success in sales and business

  8. connections to business leaders and sales professionals from across SE Asia

  9. genuine leads for future sales

  10. a personal road map to success

  11. certification as SPINCE Sales Practitioner


Sales Demystified is the perfect training whether you have 10 years or 10 minutes of sales experience. All you need is an open mind, a positive attitude and a strong desire to learn with others.


Who will benefit from joining Sales Demystified?

  • CEOs searching for new ways to boost profit margins

  • Directors exploring new solutions for old practices

  • Entrepreneurs keen to expand their network of contacts

  • Sales leaders seeking advanced ways to motivate their teams

  • Sales professionals hungry to enhance their sales skills

  • Coaches and trainers wanting to increase their competitive advantage


Meet Your Trainers

David Cramond 


David is an internationally certified coach, trainer, and sales excellence mentor. He is the founder of Iron Mindsets, a global company helping you achieve unlimited success through consultation, corporate skills training and personal development.


David has over 20 years of corporate training experience in the UK, Hong Kong and Thailand. His goal is to help you maximise the potential of individuals and create winning teams by sharing his vast experience of sales and advanced leadership skills.


His personal insights and knowledge will lead your business to improve communication and create fantastic content which encourages your customers to act. He is highly skilled at enabling companies to develop sales strategies and execution plans for both multinational and local businesses.  


David is a public speaking champion, motivational leader and peak performance facilitator. His highly passionate and engaging approach to training will unleash the talent and true potential of you and your business and bring you new levels of success.


Richard Cohen


Richard is a modern-day entrepreneur, certified Master Coach and founder of The Lab, Bangkok’s original and top boutique gym. He is from the UK and has been living in Thailand for over 15 years.


He discovered his passion for fitness after a near fatal swimming pool accident. This experience motivated him to open his first fitness studio in Bangkok in 2009 and he was named Bangkok’s Expat Entrepreneur of 2015. Since then he has opened further studios in Thailand and Australia.


Richard’s mission now is to help you remove barriers and achieve the same level of success.  He wants to share his 15 years of leadership, communication and sales skills with you, guaranteed to take your success in life to the next level.



Alison Stanworth, founder of Avenir, Bangkok

The workshop has helped me become more confident in sales and given me some easy-to-use tools. The training is great fun and David is so passionate and enthusiastic. With my new confidence I was able to make lots of contacts at the Business Networking event.



Diana Fronczek, founder of bComplete, Singapore

Unique training, different to what I have attended before with a step-by-step approach to sales. It took me out of my comfort zone and was a great learning curve.  An authentic and honest trainer.



Join Us Today!

Your investment of 15,997 THB includes:

  • two full days of training

  • buffet lunch and snacks

  • all training materials

  • entry to Bangkok’s Premier International Networking event where you will meet other business owners and immediately put your new skills into practice.


Our promotional rate of 15,997 THB ends on 4th March, so get signed up now!

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