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Our Advertorial for Tri Dash Bangkok

This is an advertorial our team of copywriters created for a sports event company based in Bangkok.


The objective: to change the perception of what's involved to take part in a triathlon and promote their event as a fantastic solution through engaging content. 

Tri Dash Bangkok Official Logo

Tri Dash Perfect for Your First Triathlon! 

David Cramond had been waiting 2 months for his first triathlon. In his excitement on raceday,  he forgot his bike helmet and was told he couldn’t race. Not to be denied, David raced home in a taxi and got back 2 minutes before the start! What an introduction to triathlon!

Triathlon is one of the biggest growing sports in Thailand. It is a multi sport race which includes swimming, cycling and running over various distances.

You may think that to do a triathlon you need expensive equipment, be super fit and travel far to enter a race. However, there is one event in Bangkok which is the perfect introduction to triathlon. Welcome to Tri Dash!

Tri Dash.jpg

Tri Dash was founded in 2000 to make triathlons more accessible and is held once a month on the outskirts of Bangkok. It is raced over the traditional “dash” distance of 400m swim, 20km bike and 5km run.

GAA, the race organisers said, “the Tri Dash races are great for those new to triathlons but also a great challenge for seasoned athletes to test their speed. Athletes and staff are helpful and friendly.”

All you need to get started is a bike, a helmet, shorts and a pair of running shoes! The organisers even have bikes to rent!

First-time competitor Liam Kean tweeted, “Did my first tri-dash in Jan after much deliberation. Loved it & will do more!”

Triathlete Kipsan Beck, who has competed in triathlons around the world said, “"So convenient! Also racing the same course means you can see changes and improvements month by month - Tri Dash is definitely one of my favourite races" 

So, if you want a new challenge with an exciting sport, check out the Tri Dash website for more info and get yourself signed up for the next race!

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